Important things you should know about

  • Our brand products are easily identified by our fresh, green double H signature. This fun, highly visible logo eliminates linguistic or translation concerns, and plays an important role in our marketing efforts in Europe.
  • We create separate product tags for the US and the European market. In Europe, tags feature multi-language information and call-outs front and back.
  • We pack more research, technology and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques into every adorable inch of our toys, mats and beds than anyone else in the market, and we dedicated the time and resources necessary to ensure our products carry the CE marking, recognizable worldwide as declaration our products comply with the requirements of the European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

Our exclusive Tuffut Technology®! It's the ingredient that makes ours the strongest, most durable plush toys produced.

Other manufacturers might tout chew-proof toys, but HuggleHounds invented the durable double-layer Tuffut Technology lining, identified by its firefly green color, so don’t settle for less. Our exclusive, innovative lining means every Tuffut Technology toy comes equipped with two hidden layers - tested to withstand 100# of tugging and pulling pressure – and the layers are laminated to one another. It is then affixed to the outside plush fabric, before being sewn into the toys. This 2-layer process is what makes our toys so special – extra protection from aggressive chewers! Look for our tag with a sample of our Tuffut lining when you shop for plush toys for your pet.


Ruff Tex®

Toys are made of all natural rubber, harvested from trees just like maple syrup. The paints used to enhance the toys even meet child safety standards, making them completely safe for dogs to chew – and a particularly good choice for dogs who love to try to destroy their toys. With outstanding tensile, tear resistance and resilience, latex has excellent properties for dog toys, and ours are stuffed with polyurethane foam - environmentally friendly with no harmful chemicals.

Our award-winning TUFFUT LUXX®

Line includes the most beautiful - and most durable – beds and matsmade, and the line includes coordinating Tuffut Luxx toys. Not only gorgeous, Tuffut Luxx is proven far superior in performance compared to other leading dog beds and mats, and our family of Tuffut Luxx products was named Editor’s Choice Award winner by Pet Product News.


Tuffut Luxx

Independent tests prove Tuffut Luxx delivers tear strength 2 ½ X tougher than other fabrics, tensile strength more than 1.5X stronger, and abrasion resistance more than 6 X higher than other “tough-chew” dog beds. Constructed with a unique four-layer process – an outside layer of nylon ripstop; polybatting to give beds a pillowy look and feel, and our two-layer Tuffut lining for durability. They’re so tough, they even come with a guaranteed cover replacement should a dog damage it.


HuggleFleece™ is made of dense, synthetic lambswool and features all the same, great attributes of natural lambswool. The collection includes HuggleFleece mats, HuggleFleece Pouf beds and HuggleFleece toys, including our 2’ Bone with invincible squeaker and HuggleFleece Balls in both large and small. HuggleFleece can be washed endlessly without clumping and dries in a snap! Synthetic lambswool, with superior comfort and support.


Gives Back!

HuggleHounds is proud of our powerful and inspiring company initiative - Huggles for Heroes™ - which directs a percentage of sales from HuggleHounds toys to support Warrior Canine Connection (WCC). WCC is a pioneering organization that utilizes clinically based Canine Connection Therapy to help wounded Warriors reconnect with life, their families, their communities, and each other, and enlists recovering Warriors in a therapeutic mission of learning to train service dogs for their fellow Veterans. This initiative was chosen to receive the inaugural Good Works Award from the World Pet Association.

Through our continuous donations, HuggleHounds sponsors a WCC puppy in training, preparing for life with the veteran he will ultimately be partnered with.