Jean Claude Sock Monkey Knottie

USD 200.00

Plush Durable Knottie, Display

SKU - 40098

You love Hugglehounds® and need a giant, display-size Knottie® that replicates exactly our dog toy-sized Sock Monkey?  Search no more!  Here he is.  This super sized sock monkey ships un-stuffed with a convenient zipper up his back for you to stuff and set him up right under the tree!  Simply re-use, re-cycle, re-purpose any shipping materials, old towels, or newspapers to fill him just right.  Perfect puppy companion to prop up under the Christmas tree or in your store front to ensure even more happy yaps, barks and howls!  Display size Knottie after stuffing sits approximately 48" tall, 28" wide and 18" deep.