Cow Ruff-Tex

USD 12.99

Durable Squeaky Natural Latex, Large

SKU - 10434


Adorable animal characters come to life in exclusive HuggleHounds® designs and unique fabrication, and every dog is sure to love them!  The natural rubber construction is uniquely fabricated to be flexible, stretch-able and durable, and provide hours of guilt-free chewing fun.  All natural, with no plastics and no PVC, these stuffed, bounce-able, ball-like creatures are sure to entertain for hours of canine fun.

  • Available in a variety of beloved animal characters
  • Available in a variety of sizes so that all dogs can play and be happy.  Ruff-Tex toys are available for small and large dogs
  • Ruff-Tex® is all natural made of rubber.  It is free of plastics and PVCs