HuggleHounds Heart

The HuggleHounds® Heart

Each HuggleHound is made with care to be a lasting companion for your companion. Look For Our Heart to know you’re getting a hand-stitched HuggleHound with our one-of-a-kind designs and exclusive Tuffut Technology®!

Dog with HuggleHound

We’re Tough, But Tender

All HuggleHounds® are embroidered by hand, meaning they are soft and cuddly, yet built to last.

Knottie original design

Knotties®: Our Original Design

Powered by cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and outright cuteness, each of our Knotties® is a durable and original work of art protected by 3-layer Tuffut Technology®. Knotties® make for perfect playmates with their original knotted limbs and multiple internal squeakers.

Stitched by hand

from an original design

Tuffut Technology®

3 layers for extra durability

HuggleHounds® Heart

We put our hearts into every HuggleHound

Tuffut Technology

Tuffut Technology®

Tuffut Technology® provides patented 3-layer protection to all but our smallest HuggleHounds®, meaning they can survive frequent play sessions with even the toughest chewers! Each layer is a different high-quality fabric combined to provide ultimate flexibility and durability for your fur baby’s favorite friend.

Made of 3 high-quality linings

Easy Wash, Easy Dry

Available in all but our smallest HuggleHounds®

HuggleHounds® Heart

We put our hearts into every HuggleHound™️

Dog with HuggleFleece

HuggleFleece®: Soft Like a Lamb, Tough Like a Lion

HuggleHounds® HuggleFleece® is made of dense, synthetic lambswool and is constructed with tight, hand-stitched seams that can sustain plenty of chewing and cuddling. Better yet, HuggleFleece® can be washed endlessly without clumping and dries in a snap!

Stitched by hand

from an original design

Easy wash & dry

HuggleHounds® get softer with every wash!

Made from high-quality,
synthetic lambswool

dog and his toys

Ruff-Tex®: Ball-Like Cuddly Creatures—Our Toughest Design

Ruff-Tex® toys are made from all-natural rubber with extra thick, tear-resistant walls, as well as extra-durable PU foam stuffing. Each Ruff-Tex® is a bounceable, stretchable, squeezable little sphere stuffed full of personality and ready for the roughest play pals!

Made from all-natural rubber


for extra durability


and squeezable to engage your pet

Stretchable material

to resist tearing
Dog with Squooshie

Squooshies: Serious Softies who Just Wanna Cuddle

Squooshies are our most popular plush toys and the perfect pal for every pup. The Tuffut Technology® lining and firm corduroy plush ensures an extra durable outside, while the ultra-soft plush on the inside gives these toys so much softness that they “sqoosh” up when they get snuggled.

Tuffut Technology®

3 layers for extra durability

HuggleHounds® Heart

We put our hearts into every HuggleHound

Unique Bone Shape

Makes carrying and loving extra easy!

Dog with Naturals


Our Naturals Collection is made up of products that boast all-natural ingredients - natural cotton, hemp and colored with natural dyes. And with no squeakers, your dog will play in relative quiet. Ahhh.

Several sizes available

100% natural materials

Care Instructions

Machine Washable


Plush toys


Hand Wash & dry

Ruff-Tex® Toys




Browse through all the cuteness and find the perfect HuggleHound for your furry friend!

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