HuggleMutt Bruiser Knottie™ (Large)


What's a mutt?  The definition reads "dogs of doubtful pedigree", but we think mutts are the most huggable, loveable, adorable pups around! They're the dog world's version of couture - the only one of its kind, and you're the only one to have it! We're celebrating these one-of-a-kind pups with a Collection all their very own. Get ready to fall head-over-heels in Mutt-Love!

    Made with exclusive Tuffut Technology®, a durable two-layer lining on the inside, soft and cuddly on the outside. Natural tugging and chewing instincts are satisfied by the soft fabric, knots in the limbs and 5 squeakers. Knotties promote healthy exercise and mental stimulation which makes them a hit with owners, dogs, and puppies of all sizes and breeds. The large size is about 15” long, 7” wide and 5” deep. The small size is about 9” long, 4” wide and 3” deep. All Hugglehounds plush toys can be machine washed over and over!


    SKU: 40205

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