Julie Krauss


Julie is the original “dog-brain” behind HuggleHounds®! As founder and designer-in-chief, her insight into what truly makes for “happy dogs” drives our product and design inspiration. With a world-class knowledge of fabrics, materials, and technique, Julie led the development of HuggleHounds® Tuffut Technology® and the creation of the original knotted dog toys, our HuggleHounds® Knotties®! In her role, Julie also leads our Product Development team as we create new designs and styles, season after season. Best pals Black Lab Scout and Yellow Lab Bridget provide plenty of inspiration, and a healthy dose of fun!

Bob Flynn


Bob has the benefit of 25+ years working with pets and pet owners, and brings a seasoned perspective to our sales department! Building and nurturing great relationships with many of our largest retail partners, Bob’s expertise ensures HuggleHounds® toys are front and center when you shop at your local pet retailer. Imagine if you combined a HuggleHounds® spokesman with the love and energy of a frisky Fido! Bob's best bud Buddie could always be counted on for help with product testing, and if need be, tasting as well.

Howard Pickens


Big or small, domestic or international, Howard takes charge of bringing HuggleHounds® to a wide range of new stores, while also expanding our reach into Canada and markets overseas. You can thank Howard for the increasing number of languages heard around the HuggleHounds® office, as more and more of our products become available worldwide! He’s determined to leave no stone (err…country!) unturned. Howard is photographed with his all-time favorite Knottie, HuggleMutt Roxie.

Beth Moran


Beth, pal FinnBar and her HuggleHounds® operations team bring real DOG-ged attention to making sure our toys get from point A to point B, starting with the production facility and ending with its trip home as your pet’s new playtime companion. That persistent attention to detail means HuggleHounds® can offer new designs and seasonal products at just the right time. Beth keeps the proverbial trains running, whether that means troubleshooting some tricky tech problems or sorting out a long list of shipments headed to your deserving doggos and curious kittens.

Mary Morgan


Mary spreads our “Huggle-As-Hero” message to the masses, including shoppers, retailers, and all forms of media. From web initiatives to product descriptions, dog-centric photography to nonprofit partnerships, Mary is the embodiment of a HuggleHounds®’ brand ambassador. Along with newest family member Georgie, Mary directs sales communication and customer messaging, and is always on the lookout for new and exciting tools to add to HuggleHounds.com. She (and George) help with HuggleHounds product development, too.

Theresa Brown


Theresa leads the process of getting HuggleHounds® retail orders into our system, and then out the door on time! Whenever a new store joins the HuggleHounds® family, Theresa also ensures they receive a warm welcome and are added to our store locator tool, which includes the ever-growing list of HuggleHounds® retailers across the country. Theresa also serves on the New Product Development team, which meets regularly to brainstorm market trends that help result in new and unique designs you see each and every season! Pups Hennessy and Stella are eager to get to work every day helping HuggleHounds sales!

Lurdes Agatep


When the business of business is the subject at hand, Lurdes is the go-to, must-see, one-stop, keep-it-real, get-it-done, by-the-book perfectly perfect person. Not only that, but somehow, quite magically, Lurdes can move all the beads on her abacus while keeping a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. There’s plenty of kibble to keep track of here at HuggleHounds®, and making sure our toys are the best made, at the best price makes for lots and lots and lots of hard work and steady hand. Lurdes makes sure no HuggleHounder finds themselves in the doghouse. But if we go, we’ll sure go laughing.

Jenna Speicher


Jenna dials up the rapid-Rover style of our deliveries! As a member of our operation team, she keeps her relentless focus on orders and shipments, and along with her fave Knottie Patches, she's our go-to “top dog” for the scoop on scheduling deliveries and keeping our inventory counts accurate. She can sniff out a problem and get it resolved in two shakes.

Jordyn Kane


Got an adorable pup that loves HuggleHounds®? Jordyn’s the gal that makes Huggle-Stars out of our fans! Jordyn, with an assist from pup Cam (pictured) and Brody, amplifies our projects and partnerships, while also keeping our toys front-and-center when stores are looking for something to showcase. From social media to the web, influencers to ambassadors, and promotions to partners, Jordyn keeps the spotlight on the many fun and fabulous things going on at HuggleHounds®. In addition, Jordyn contributes to our Product Development team and helps them dream up the next member of our HuggleHounds® family!

Edi Krauss


Edi is the bright smile greeting visitors at our door and spreading happiness over the phone. With her special blend of humor and insight, Edi is also the owner of the “treat-drawer” for all the office Huggle-pups. That makes her the go-to gal, for sure! No wonder she chose to pose alongside a giant-size Hedgehog Knottie - her enthusiasm for HuggleHounds is giant-sized as well.

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