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HuggleCause Partner Banner
HuggleCause Partner Banner
Warrior Canine Collection logo

Warrior Canine Connection (WCC) honors and empowers veterans by helping Warrior Trainers interact with dogs as they move from puppyhood to training to adult service dogs. Warrior Trainers benefit from a physiological and psychological animal-human connection while reconnecting with their own families, communities, and lives.

With every purchase of a Tommy II Knottie®, Luke Knottie® or Camo HuggleFleece® Ball, we will donate a portion of proceeds to this HuggleCause™ partner.

Project K-9 Hero Logo

Protect those who protect us! Project K-9 Hero works tirelessly to provide the best quality of life for our nation’s retired Military Working Dogs and Police K-9 Heroes. By offering assistance with medical costs, food, rehabilitation, adoption, and end-of-duty services, every K-9 Hero is rewarded with the way of life that they deserve for their faithful, loyal service.

Support Project K-9 Hero by bringing home HuggleGroup® K-9 Flash or K-9 Mattis Knottie® and we’ll donate a portion of every purchase to this HuggleCause™.

BadRap logo

BADRAP was formed in 1999 to tackle the difficult issues that had been bringing suffering and early death to San Francisco bay area pit bull type dogs. They soon developed into a nationally recognized resource for both dog owners and shelters, offering desirable pets for adopters, training classes for dog owners and presentations and professional consultations to animal welfare leaders around the country.

Support BadRap and all the bully breeds out there by purchasing a Jonny Justice Knottie® and we will donate a portion of the proceeds to this impactful organization.

Living Free Animal Sanctuary and Pet Food Experts logos

This year, we teamed up with Pet Food Experts (PFX) and Living Free to create two beautiful toys commemorating two rescue pups who found forever homes through Living Free Animal Sanctuary. Living Free is a nonprofit animal sanctuary whose primary mission is to rescue dogs and cats whose time is up at public shelters. They are also home to War Horse Creek, an immersive transition training program using rescued wild mustangs to assist veterans as they adjust to civilian life.

We will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of L.T. Knottie® and Klondike Knottie® toys to Living Free Animal Sanctuary so that they are able to continue the impactful work they do!

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Logo

We’re honored to donate a portion of every Pink Bone purchase to Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC): a national nonprofit that connects breast cancer patients and survivors with trusted information and a community of support. This is a cause we stand by unyieldingly, and we love that we can support people and their pets alike.

In solidarity with such amazing and tireless efforts, our Limited Edition Pink Bone is ready for hours and hours of playtime, while also sending a clear signal of support for those impacted by breast cancer.

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