Ruff-Tex® Bucket of Balls (10 pieces of small Ruff-Tex® balls)

Our Bucket of (Ruff-Tex®) Balls includes 2 each of the following 5 (small) characters: Moose, Cow, Monkey, Raccoon, Dragon. Ruff-Tex® toys are constructed with thick-walled latex and have excellent tear resistance and tensile strength. They are bounce-able, stretch-able, squeezable, ball-like creatures made from all-natural materials. Ruff-Tex is especially suited for a PUPPY’S chewing habits. All Ruff-Tex toys are hand-painted with materials that meet child safety standard EN71. With its great bounce and fun squeakers, it will be sure to keep your dog or puppy busy all day! 


SKU: 30694

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