How WCC’s Dog Dana Restored Her New Owner’s Independence


How WCC’s Dog Dana Restored Her New Owner’s Independence

Amongst all human-animal connections, few are as transformative as the bond between a veteran and his service dog. This extraordinary relationship, built on trust, loyalty, and unwavering support, has the power to redefine lives and restore a sense of purpose, comfort, and peace that may have been lost in the aftermath of war.

Air Force Veteran Cornelius Twohig met his now service dog, Dana through WCC's Mission Based Trauma Recovery program, and there was a blatant instant bond. He says “I was told she sort of picked me, versus me picking her.” Dana has helped Cornelius regain confidence and comfortability in areas he lacked before previously meeting her- “I leave the house now, that’s the biggest one, which I didn’t do a lot of.” He does not leave Dana alone, she is now his forever furry pal, and serves in more ways than just companionship and love.

Dana has become an integral part of Cornelius’ everyday life. She can pick up on her owner’s stress cues, and warning signs, as well as feel them within others surrounding her, making her truly a special pup. Cornelius emphasizes the importance of having a service dog by one’s side if they feel as though they’re dealing with similar struggles.


Beyond the practical assistance, the emotional benefits of the veteran-service dog relationship are immeasurable. A service dog becomes more than just a loyal companion; they become a constant source of unconditional love, a steadfast presence in times of distress, and a non-judgmental confidant. They offer a listening ear, a comforting touch, and a gentle nudge, reminding their veteran partners that they are never alone in their struggles. Dana found a best new pal, and Air Force Veteran Cornelius Twohig met his furry forever companion.


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