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Pets Heal! 3 Ways Pets Aid with Anxiety

Pets Heal! 3 Ways Pets Aid with Anxiety

Having a furry family member is simply the best thing in the world for a number of reasons, but if your experience anxiety, having a pet by your side can help reduce those symptoms. 

1. Pets provide comfort, and companionship. The bond with a pet helps you to not feel isolated, or lonely. When owners interact with their pets, by petting them, talking to them, or holding them, it stimulates their serotonin levels, leading to the feeling of being happy, and loved.

2. Pets force you to go outside! Your dog could always use a walk, in fact it's their favorite part of their day. Breathing in fresh air brings oxygen to the brain, allowing you think more clearly. Take a look at the sights around you, the animals scurrying by, the other dogs having a joy walk, and appreciate the fact that your dog depends on you to have these simple experiences!

3. According to American Heart Association, two out of three employees say work brings on stress and 40% say their job negatively affects their health. Studies show that pets in the workplace may help to reduce stress symptoms, and can overall  improve employee satisfaction.

Whether stress and anxiety creeps up at you at home, in your workplace, or when you are just out and about, grab your pup and hold them a little tighter, allow them to help you remember that everything will be okay!

 Our HuggleHug™ Lavender Bone and Calming Spray Set includes a calming lavender spray with anxiety-reducing pheromones, that may be used to spray on your pup's favorite toys, and HuggleFleece® mats (you may have to steal it to spray on yourself too! no one is judging..).

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