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Making Every Cat a Happy Cat!

Making Every Cat a Happy Cat!

Experts say it’s essential to provide cats with toys, for several reasons. Many vets recommend you schedule playtime with your cat several times a day, using a variety of toys. Regular play will help keep cats healthy, prevent weight gain, and keep those “cute as a button” little cat brains sharp. According to Pets Radar,  toys help keep cats mentally stimulated, physically active, and relieve boredom. When cats are left alone for long periods without stimulation, they can become bored or start exhibiting destructive behavior, like scratching furniture, curtains or even acting aggressively.  By providing toys, they have a healthy outlet to expend all that energy and help reduce their stress levels.  Playing with toys can help improve a cat's cognitive and motor skills. For instance, interactive toys that require problem-solving can enhance a cat's mental agility. Toys that involve physical activity, like wand toys, can help strengthen muscles and improve reflexes.  Play will also help socialize a cat. Not only is play an effective way of providing mental and physical stimulation, it also improves behavior. If you have a feline friend constantly trying to climb up the curtains, use your couch as a scratching post, or deliberately knock things off shelves, arranging regular play can help end this behavior.

Play will also comfort a cat. Cats are sensitive creatures and changes in their environment can add stress – even small changes can have an impact. Not only is play extremely comforting for your cats, if you schedule it at regular times, you'll help create a routine.  When it comes to selecting toys for your feline friend, experts recommend you opt for several different kinds to help ensure your cat will stay interested and engaged. That’s an important reason  why our HuggleKats toys are divided into groups determined by cats play style, from hunting to swatting and to interacting.

Swatting. Some cats love to run around and chase things! Usually this means a cat enjoys swat play. Swat play involves small toys that move around easily upon a swat of a paw! We recommend our ball shaped toys like our FlufferFleece Ballies or our Fur Ballies. Even our Ma-Cat-a-Roonies can be rolled around for loads of fun!


Hunting. Cats are natural hunters! Pouncing and batting toys is a safe way for cats to practice their instincts. We took the typical prey of cats and turned them into special toys guaranteed to provide endless amounts of fun. From our Mightie Mice and Squooshie Mice to our Feller Squirellie and Wee Chippie, all the way to Sardinies and Dust Bunnies, there’s something for every cat!


Interacting.  If you're wanting to strengthen your bond with your cat and spend quality time together, play is the ideal solution. Toys give you an opportunity to interact with your cat on a deeper level, and spending 15 or 20 minutes together having fun together will help you grow closer, especially if you have a cat that isn't all that cuddly and shuns “lap time”. From stimulating fabrics like the glitter on our Bindies to the free-flowing strings on our Jellie Fish and Chickies, our interactive play toys can lead to hours of fun!

If the attractant in your cat’s toy begins to fade over time, we offer our Happy Kat-Nippie Spray to enhance your cat's toys. A little spray on the toy and it’s sure to make any cat Huggle-Happy! Not only do cats love it, it also helps reduce bloating, anxiety, and stress – and targets cat’s “happy” receptors. Our Spray also works as a sedative, helps relieve stomach pain and treats inflamed skin, and keeps cats engaged with active play session.


Our HuggleKats®️ toys are sassy, lovable, and stuffed full of personality (along with premium catnip!), just like your cat. Now get playing!

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