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WCC's Dewey- the Military Support Dog Bringing Joy to His New Family

WCC's Dewey- the Military Support Dog Bringing Joy to His New Family

 April 30th is National Therapy Dog Day, and in conjunction with our HuggleCause™ partner Warrior Canine Connection, it’s an important day to recognize the thousands of dogs selflessly - and joyfully! - improving the quality of life for their partners and families.

Animal assisted therapy can help play a vital role with military Veterans. WCC's Dewey, a military family support dog providing therapeutic support, brought a new sense of togetherness for the O'Neill family. Tyler O'Neill explains "With over 12 combat deployments, there's no way that can't affect somebody and their family. Dewey is like an anchor, able to be a common focus for all of us and be in the moment." As a family support dog, the benefits extend to every family member. Air Force Veteran Liam O’Neill says “It was great to see the kids warm up to WCC Dewey immediately. He was pretty chill, and his energy wasn't bouncing all over the place”.

Dogs have a special way of staying present, they simply are who they are, with their own personalities, happy to be in your presence. Dewey allows the O'Neill family to stay in the moment, realizing the most precious parts of life happens in the now.  “We think Dewey's impact is going to be significant in his calm presence and his demeaner. He’s our new family member. We are very happy with the end result, very happy with Dewey."

Meet the O’Neill’s and their new family member here: https://youtu.be/cCU3dyo5SOM


On National Therapy Dog Day, let's give recognition to the support dogs bringing their joyful spirit to so many.


“Our Service dogs have an important mission—to carry on the legacies of these heroes while helping recovering Veterans who have sacrificed so much for our nation,” says Rick Yount, founder and executive director, Warrior Canine Connection. “We feel it’s important that those Veterans have their stories told and their lives honored through our namesake program. We believe when a Veteran’s name is spoken, they are always remembered.”

You can help support Warrior Canine Connection and their life-changing work through our HuggleCause™ program by ordering the Limited-Edition Luke and Tommy II Knotties®. A portion of all proceeds are directed to Warrior Canine Connection.


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