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Read More About Shonte'

Read More About Shonte'

I'm getting so emotional as I try to express my love and gratitude for my dogs Tyson, Leo & Archer. My name is Shonte’, and I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer that has spread to my lungs, spine, ribs and hip in 2015, as my initial diagnosis at the age of 31. This will be a lifelong journey for me.

My dogs are my joy, love, support & healers. While all of my human support system is working during the day, I sit at home alone, but I'm truly not alone. My dogs are always present.

My dog Tyson who died less than a year after my diagnosis gave me the most support – he cuddled me when I was in pain, he came into the restroom as I was vomiting, he never left my side when I was on crutches although I still had to walk him, he was so patient, he even became depressed when I was diagnosed but still thought of me when I was down and tried to cheer me up. I miss him so much.

When he died, I didn't want another dog. I felt I wouldn't have the energy, so I too became depressed. So, my husband sprung into action and got me two more German Shepherds, Leo & Archer, who are my rocks. Leo is the nurturer and Archer is my comedian, with so much energy. They are my balance. My dogs will always be with me even when I feel alone.

A dog's love is vital to my quality of life and purpose, they literally get up out of bed daily, even on my bad days. I know I will be good as long as I have them around, even during my last waking breath.


Shonte' with her tan german shepard, Tyson


Shonte' with her late tan german shepard, Tyson


Pictured: Tyson, her late tan and white German Shepard, Leo, her Black German Shepard and Archer, her Brindle German Shephard

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