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The 3 Major Ways Your Pet Benefits From Play

The 3 Major Ways Your Pet Benefits From Play

Humans have built up entire industries centered around playing with their fur babies....

Posted 12/19 |

Humans have built up entire industries centered around playing with their fur babies. We love to take our dogs to dog parks; we love to wave something in front of our cat or spin a laser pointer around in circles until we both get dizzy. But, does this all matter? Do our furry friends actually benefit from all this play? Are they happier?

The answer is a resounding “yes”—or, a resounding bark…or a meow. Study after study illustrates that dogs who go longer periods of time without play-type stimulation exhibit many more behavioral problems than those who goof around with their owners on a regular basis. So, what are the benefits? Why do dogs and cats crave playtime?

Brain IconIt keeps them mentally fit.

When interacting with toys, the outdoors, or other dogs and cats, your pet is actively investigating what’s in front of them and what’s surrounding them. They are typically sniffing, digging, pawing, nipping, and chewing their way around their environment. All of this keeps their brain active, which promotes mental health. For example, our original Knotties® are designed with knotted limbs, 5 squeakers, and plush fabric to allow ample opportunity for your pet to explore and engage with their toy.

When your pets are playing with their own furry friends, they are socializing with peers and testing boundaries. While all of this is considered “play,” there is some serious work being done in the mind of your dog or cat.

Dumbell iconIt keeps them physically fit.

Shockingly, over half of all dogs and cats in the United States are considered “overweight.” Continuous play can provide real exercise for your pet, whether they’re playing with a toy or a furry playmate. When interacting with a toy, all the tugging and tearing involved can give a workout to even the biggest doggos. However, toy size does matter! If you have any questions about the appropriate size for your pooch, you can look over our custom HuggleHounds® size chart.

For more active and aggressive chewers, our Dude The Turtle™ combines the thick-walled latex of our Ruff-Tex® line of toys with our nigh-indestructible Tuffut Technology® lining.

Pink Heart IconIt helps strengthen the bond between you & your pet.

Just as important as physical and mental health, playing with your fur baby allows for the perfect daily opportunity to connect with your pet and engage with them physically. Much like the way you provide a comforting and stimulating environment for your kiddos, you can also provide your dog or cat with a daily routine that is fun and enriching. Some pet owners will even seek out dog and cat toys with a customized or personal connection, making them feel even more involved in their pet’s playtime Our collection of officially licensed HuggleHounds® Collegiate Mascots are available in small and large sizes!

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