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Happy (and Safe!) Holiday Gifts for Pets

Happy (and Safe!) Holiday Gifts for Pets

One of the most exciting parts about holiday mornings isn’t just the exchange of gifts, but the thrill of opening the gifts themselves. Just like you look forward to receiving gifts during the holidays, your dog or cat will love getting a new toy and tearing apart its gift wrapping!

But, as always, it’s crucial to make pet health the top priority by gifting toys safely. With HuggleHounds®, you can rest assured that every toy we make adheres to top safety and manufacturing standards and provides extra durability through our Tuffut Technology®, a three-layer lining that helps even our softest toys last longer than the competition.

Below is a selection of toys for your beloved pet we know you will LOVE from our Holiday 2021 Collection, as well as tips on how to keep pets safe during the holiday season.


Squooshie® Reindeer (Peppermint Collection)

Our Holiday 2021 Peppermint Collection combines the nostalgic colors of candy canes and sweetness, with none sweeter than our Reindeer Squooshie™. Soft, plush, and peppermint-striped, he screams snuggle. HuggleHounds® Squooshies™ are made from a plush so soft they literally “squoosh” up and also contain a squeaker that will keep pups entertained for hours.


Unicorn Knottie® (Starlight Collection)

The sparkle of the Holiday Starlight Collection’s Unicorn Knottie™ will make your holiday shine! With a matte gleam, our Unicorn Knottie™ comes in three different sizes and uses our original HuggleHounds® Knottie™️ design. Knotties™ contain multiple squeakers and have our signature knotted limbs for puppies and large dogs.


Plush Dreidel (Christmas & Hanukkah Collection)

Celebrate the special holidays with HuggleHounds Christmas and Hanukkah Collection! Our Plush Dreidel is lined with our exclusive Tuffut Technology® lining, making them soft and durable.


Santa Ruff-Tex® (Large & Small)

Our Ruff-Tex® Santa is a holiday classic! Constructed with thick-walled latex and with excellent tear resistance and tensile strength, Ruff-Tex® is bounce-able, stretch-able, squeezable, and made from all-natural materials. Available in two sizes, large & small.


Holiday Safety Tips 

Now that you’ve selected the perfect gift for your pet, it’s time to wrap it! But you’re going to want to avoid certain materials that are often used for presents and holiday decorations. While wrapping paper can be safe for pets to play with or even ingest in extremely small amounts, there are some materials that should certainly be avoided around pets during the holidays.

These include:
String, ribbon, and yarn
Metal/plastic decorations or ornaments

These materials can cause intestinal blockage if consumed by a dog or cat, which can be life-threatening. Ensure that pets are not given access to these and that all toys given to your pets are high-quality and durable.

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