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Why Rewarding Your Dog Is Important

Why Rewarding Your Dog Is Important

Getting A Better Understanding Of Your Dog’s Love and Interests

A toy isn’t just a toy when it comes to your dog’s love and interests. It can be their best friend, their comfort and joy, and to your advantage, positive reinforcement for good behavior. Whether they’re eight months old or eight years – the benefits of positive reinforcement for your dog outweigh negative reinforcement by far. It takes a fine balance but with a little patience, time, and a good attitude, your pup will be on its way to best behavior soon!

Below are a few reasons why positive reinforcement works for showing your dog some love and how rewarding them is important!

Positive Reinforcement Works

It’s been shown time and time again that dogs respond best to positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement requires taking something away and may ultimately cause your dog to feel frustrated, act out, or lose trust. Positive reinforcement encourages repeat good behavior to hopefully help stop negative behavior altogether.

So, give your pup some love! Plenty of belly rubs, praise in over-the-top dog baby voice, and toys are well deserved when your pup is on their best behavior!

Build A Bond!

Building your bond is important! Whether it’s your whole family or just you building a bond with your dog, positive reinforcement means that your pup looks to you for care and signals about what is good behavior. Showing them love with positive reinforcement sets a foundation for trust and respect that you need for one another.

Our biggest focus is putting you, the dog owner, and your dog’s care first. Rewarding your dog is important not just to snub out bad behaviors but because it means showing them love. It may seem silly at times to splurge on toys but just like you would treat yourself, treating your dog to toys and treats that show them love gives them the wonderful life they deserve!

Reduce Anxiety and Aggression

We think overuse of negative reinforcement doesn’t build a solid foundation of trust and respect between you and your dog. Finding reasons to reward your dog over punishment is always preferred. By showing your dog positive reinforcement, you reduce your dog’s sense of frustration and that they can indeed get good things when they behave well. Give them a choice in their reward and know that it’s important for your pup to have a choice and have freedom over a fear of consequences.

HuggleHounds® Are A Great Reward

Our products are designed to be durable and encourage stimulation, so your dog can count on that toy to know they have a focused source to channel their energy. When they’re feeling overwhelmed or simply want something to chew on, our products are made to be everything from a reward to a best friend.

Consider our newest Knottie, Diva the Pink Poodle, or our HuggleHide® Bones! Both are great for preventing boredom and help curb problem behaviors, like barking, jumping, or leash-pulling. All HuggleHounds® toys fulfill instinctive drives like ripping and shredding, and soothe anxious or over-excited tendencies. Most importantly, we help you show your dog you care!

HuggleHounds® aren’t just toys. They’re the ultimate reward for positive reinforcement!


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